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0064.JPG​My name is Andrew TerWee. I hold a BA degree in Broadcast Communications (Wayne State, NE), a BA degree in Elementary Education (University of South Dakota) with a Middle School Language Arts endorsement. I have taught at the Garretson School District since 2000 and have taught Middle School Literature since 2002.  I love introducing middle school students to the wide variety of literature that we encompass during their middle school years.



Feel free to contact me with any class concerns and I will be happy to work with you and your student to address them. andrew.terwee@k12.sd.us   You can also leave a voice message at ext 333. 

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​1st period     8:16-8:59  8 th grade reading

2nd period    9:01-9:45   8th grade reading

3rd period    9:47-10:31  6th grade reading

4th period     10:33-11:17  6th grade reading

5th period     11:17-11:47   Lunch

STET Time     11:49-11:59

6th period      12:01-12:43   7th grade reading

7th period      12:45-1:29    7th grade reading

8th period      1:31-2:17     Core planning time

9th period      2:18-2:59     Prep

ICU Time



​Respect yourself, others and property through you words and actions.

Follow directions.

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Be in the classroom and have materials ready when the bell rings.